Recent Cases

Contract/trade-secret dispute involving an officer and employees of jointly operated PRC and US companies.

Investment dispute between PRC investors and a US investment fund.

ICDR consolidation arbitration involving patent indemnification claims between a semiconductor manufacturer and semiconductor foundries.

Multiple ICC proceedings involving trade practices claims against a Belize-based company.

Contract/trade-secret dispute between an India-based developer and a China-based customer.

Contract/fraud claims between a US software developer and a Brazilian software developer.

Contract/joint venture/royalty claims between a European Internet application development company and a leading China-based Internet company.

Contract services dispute between two large international companies arising from a major data breach.

Contract mediation between a US software reseller and an US-based international agriculture company regarding a software implementation.

Contract/competition claims between a global energy sector company and a US alternative energy company.

Contract licensing claims between a name brand Cayman/China-based clothing manufacturer and a South American distributor.

Software development claims between a major U.S. telecom provider and an Indian software developer.

Business tort/contract claims between a private equity investor group and a former managing partner.

Contract/negligence claims between a California manufacturer and a California-based web development company.

Contract/warranty dispute between a US electronics company and a Singaporean manufacturer.

Contract and fraud claims between a European technology development company and US and Japanese joint venture partners.

Manufacturing/Supply agreement dispute between a US biotech company and a US pharmaceutical company.

Stock ownership rights mediation for two PRC founders of a US-based healthcare technology company.

Private investment dispute involving UK and Dutch private placements in a start-up US beverage company.

Trade secret and copyright claims between a US-based software developer and an Asia-based software developer.

Contract/warranty claims between two US electronics companies on a joint development project.

Mediation of a corporate governance/business strategy dispute between a US venture fund and management of an Israeli-related startup.

Patent infringement/license royalties dispute between a US developer and a global European-based distributor.

Patent infringement and breach of a licensing agreement between a US inventor and a European-based licensee/distributor.

Contract/real estate claims by a PRC investor against US investment groups and principals involving an investment project.

Stock vesting/tort claims between a former CEO and a venture funded startup / VC investors.

Breach of contract/fiduciary duty claims by a Hong Kong technology company and its principal against a software development company and its principal and cross-claims against various Asian entities for trade secret misappropriation.

International distribution agreement/trade secret dispute between an Indonesian defense company and a US defense contractor.