Recent/Select Training

ICC West Coast Conference, 2018, San Francisco;

Lecturer, Arbitral Jurisdiction, ABA, Washington DC, 2018;

Lecturer, Arbitral Jurisdiction, AAA, San Francisco, 2018;

NCIAC Arbitration in Southeast Asia, San Francisco, 2018;

ICCA, Sydney, 2018;

ICDR/ICC/ICSID Joint Colloquium, New York, 2017;

Moderator, “I Want to be the Chair: IntraTribunal Relations Scenarios”, San Francisco, 2017;

ICC Advanced Training, San Francisco, 2017;

IBA Arbitration Day Conference, Milan, 2017;

Arbitrator Masterclass, Washington DC, 2017;

FL Bar/ICDR International Arbitration, Miami, 2017;

ICC/ICDR/ICSID Joint Colloquium, Paris, 2016;

AAA/ ICDR Panel Conference, Los Angeles, 2016;

SIAC Congress, Singapore, 2016; Lecturer, ABA Dispute Resolution Section Spring Meetings, New York, 2016;

AAA Annual Meeting, New Orleans, 2016;

ICDR Miami International Arbitration Conference, Miami, 2016;

CPR Annual Meeting, New Orleans, 2016;

Lecturer, ADR in the Cloud, College of Commercial Arbitrators, NY, 2015;

WIPO Mediation and Arbitration Workshop, Palo Alto, 2015;

AAA eDiscovery: Arbitration in a Digital World (ACE012), 2015;

AAA Roundtable – Arbitration Panels, 2015;

AAA Dispositive Motions in Arbitration, 2015;

AAA Sanctions in Arbitrations:  Everything You Might Not Know that You Should Know 2015;

AAA Explaining Complexity—How to Improve Your Presentation of Technical Information in Arbitration 2015;

AAA ICDR Miami International Arbitration Conference: International Dispute Resolution in the Americas 2015;

AAA Pro Se Parties in Arbitration 2015; AAA Explaining Complexity—How to Improve Your Presentation of Technical Information in Arbitration 2015;

Faculty, AAA SF Neutrals Round Table “To Tell or Not To”, 2015;

ICDR Miami International Arbitration Conference, AAA,’Breaking Bad:Tools for Advocates & Mediators When Negotiations Get Stuck’ 2014;

AAA-ICDR/ICC/ICSID 31st Annual Joint Colloquium, NY, 2014;

AAA eDiscovery 2.0, 2014;

AAA Advanced Mediation Series: Managing the Dynamics of a Multi-Party Case, 2014;

Joint LACB/ICDR Conference, 2014;

AAA Arbitration in IP/Technology Disputes, 2014;

AAA “Exceeded Powers”: Recent Trends in Challenging Arbitrator Authority, 2014;

AAA Essential Mediation Skills, 2013;

AAA Arbitration in IP/Technology Disputes, 2013;

Fordham 6th Annual Arbitration Conference, 2013;

AAA What’s a Respondent Like You Doing in a Place Like This? Confronting Arbitrability and Jurisdiction Issues in Arbitration, 2013;

Stanford University Arbitration Conference, 2012; I

nstitute for Transnational Arbitration Winter Forum, 2012;

AAA How to Become a More Innovative Neutral or Advocate: Applying Cutting Edge Innovation Management Techniques to Your ADR Practice, 2011;

AAA Ethics 101: Mediators, Arbitrators, Attorneys, 2011;

AAA/ICDR Neutrals Conference, 2010;

AAA Arbitration Awards: Safeguarding, Deciding & Writing Awards (ACE001), 2010;

Institute for Transnational Arbitration Workshop, 2008;

ICDR International Symposia in Advanced Case Management Issues, 2007;

ICDR, Debates on Key Issues in International Arbitration, 2006;

AAA Intellectual Property Arbitration, 2004;

AAA International Arbitrator Training, 2000;

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, International Commercial Arbitrator Training, 1999;

Coudert/North American Trade Dispute Resolution Center Training, 1999;

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Special Fellowship Course, 1998;

AAA International Arbitration Training / AAA Basic Arbitration Training and numerous other training sessions.

Lecturer, American Arbitration Association programs, San Francisco, 2002, 2014, 2013 and 2015 and ICDR Programs, 2008.

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